Benefits For Corporations

We recognize that for corporations, the quality of the voluntary benefits they offer reflects the quality of their organization. Corporate Shopping does not disappoint - we deliver a cherished employee discount program that offers the best brands at the best prices. This yields dividends back to host companies in the form of employee goodwill and retention.

The advantages of Corporate Shopping for managers of employee benefits, in addition to providing a superior quality benefit, are:

Free/No Cost

Corporate Shopping is free. There is NO cost, obligation or hidden fees to companies or employees. There is NO required agreement or minimum use necessary for Corporate Shopping.

We want to partner with companies and organizations interested in extending a superior employee discount benefit; our employee discount program is a win-win proposition between host companies and Corporate Shopping. Custom options are available for a fee.

Quick and Easy to Implement

Corporate Shopping is easily integrated into a current employee discount scheme, or it can be a single employee discount program.

Ready to launch within 24 hours, Corporate Shopping creates a unique link for your company and can customize the site with your company logo. We send you a one page launch letter with your link to Corporate Shopping and brief information to get started. That's it!

Fully Managed and Supported

Operated and managed entirely by our trained professionals, Corporate Shopping's employee discount program is designed to be no strain on HR or other benefits personnel.

We provide full customer service for all employee inquiries and troubleshooting via email; you can forward employee inquiries about the employee discount program directly to Corporate Shopping.

Benefits for Corporations

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