Student Discounts

What are Student Discounts?

Student Discounts can be defined as retailers & brands offering eligible individuals of discrete Student populations (universities, colleges and schools) their products and services at a discount not available to the general public. Student shoppers are extremely valuable as they represent a highly desirable consumer group for many brands and retailers. Accordingly, retailers are willing to trade a lower profit margin on a transaction in exchange for incremental sales and, when possible, a new customer's (Student shoppers) email address and contact information which they can market against.

Because of their future earning power and entry into the workforce, many retailers view students as "prospects" or future clients. Accordingly, they are willing to incent them to utilize their products and services via a special student discount pricing structure in order to attract them as new users and establish and maintain brand loyalty as they move into wage earners in the workforce.

Given the humanitarian aspect to their profession, retailers are sometimes willing to extend special teacher or faculty discounts at schools, colleges and universities. Teachers and Faculty members are often able to enjoy the same discount program as students on their respective campus'.

What are Student Discount Programs?

Student discount programs (Corporate Shopping Company is a leading provider) provide retailers a new and important distribution channel that brings new users into their franchise and delivers incremental sales and brand loyalty. Through Student Discount Programs retailers and service providers gain access to a large, important and captive target audience of Student shoppers at universities, public and private schools, graduate schools and colleges in the United States.

And, via a private and controlled shopping environment (Corporate Shopping Company operates a private password protected program), retailers can offer special discounts and promotions that will not disrupt normal retail marketing strategies or be viewed by the general public.

Student Discount programs are a quintessential win, win proposition. Retailers gain access to a large, captive and desirable consumer group and Students gain access to a pricing structure not otherwise not available to them.

Student Discount Benefits to Students:

The advantage of Student Discounts to Students is that they deliver meaningful discounts at many of their favorite retailers in a range of lifestyle categories. For example:

Cell Phone Providers: Verizon Wireless Student Discounts, AT&T Student Discounts and Sprint Student Discounts are perhaps to most conspicuous offerings in the marketplace. Typically these providers sign contracts with companies and Students must verify their employment through a company code and email address to benefit.

Consumer Electronics: Apple EPP, Dell EPP Hewlett Packard EPP and Microsoft Home Use Program offer special Student discounts. However, given the short margins in consumer electronics, often times these represent modest savings over retail pricing. Conversely, the Microsoft Home Use Program features Microsoft Office for $9.95 to Students of partner companies. Eligible Students must verify with their work email and program code.

Apparel: Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership (or Brooks Brothers Card) is a popular offer that allows Students to enroll for a free Brooks Brothers Corporate Membership Card that delivers 15% OFF all full-priced merchandise both online and in-store and at Brooks Brothers Factory Outlets. And, they host a bi-annual 30% OFF day of shopping exclusively for Brooks Brothers Card holders. Lands' End is another popular offer. While the company doesn't offer a day to day savings program they do have frequent promotions that often give Students 25% or 30% OFF savings on full-priced merchandise. Similarly, J.Crew does not offer a day to day discount but they have frequent promotions that provide for significant savings. Ralph Lauren's most popular offer is their 25% OFF Pink Pony Sale and the Extra 40% OFF Sale items Student promotion.

Shoes: is offers regular Student discount opportunities. Generally they feature a 15% OFF day to day discount and regularly supplement that with 20% OFF time sensitive Student offers and also 25% OFF Sale merchandise codes. is a strong presence with a regular 10% OFF Student discount and also regular promotions with deeper Student offers.

Flowers & Gifts:, and are other popular offers providing 15% OFF everyday purchases. And, 1800Flowers and ProFlowers usually extend a deeper 20% OFF discount during key gift giving periods like Mothers Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.

Travel: Spring Bread trips have never been more accessible!,, and offer Student discounts on hotels and travel packages. Offers vary by provider but usually there are offers for 5-10% Off hotels and up to $100 off vacation packages. offers a 15% Off Hotels Student discount several times a year. offers 10% OFF Hotels on a regular basis.

Restaurants: Perhaps the most popular Student discount is as it is accessible on a limited budget. On a daily basis, offers Students $25 Giftcards for $10 - this is their regular offer. They offer frequent Student discount offers and usually for 2-3 days per month offer $25 giftcards for $4.

Department Stores & Mass Merchants: Costco offers special Membership Activation Cards which provide Students with $50 in coupons and free gifts. Macys doesn't offer a regular Student discount, but they have frequent promotions offering Students 15-20% Off. Their best offer is their bi-annual 25% OFF Friends & Family Sale. Student discount offer is $7 Off purchases of $70 or more. offers Students 15% with regularity and often ups to a 20% OFF Student discount once a month.

Home & Lifestyle: eHarmony 20% Off Student discount is a popular offer with single Students. offers time sensitive offers that are usually $5 off $50 or $10 off $100 for Student shoppers. offers an Student discount of 10% Off purchases of $200 or more.