VC was founded in 1986 by Joseph Segel, an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity to create a new and engaging shopping experience through television broadcasts. He named the company QVC to represent its three guiding principles: Quality, Value, and Convenience. These values were created to build trust with consumers, creating lifetime, avid fans. Today, QVC is the world's leading video and ecommerce retailer, offering a curated collection of desirable brands to millions of customers around the globe each day through broadcast, Internet, and mobile sales platforms. QVC is the world's top multimedia shopping company in terms of viewers and revenue and ranks among the top online mass merchandise retailers. QVC's 2014 sales generated $8.8B in annual revenues, $3.5B of which came from eCommerce. In 2014, 41% of eCommerce orders came from mobile platforms, and QVC U.S. was ranked as the third largest multi-category retailer in mobile and ranked fifth across all industries, according to the Internet Retailer Mobile 500. QVC is available in 300 million homes worldwide through its broadcast programming in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, Italy, and a joint venture in China. QVC shipped approximately 173 million products in 2014 to these markets. QVC has an impressive TV presence in all of its markets. QVC personalities host themed shows throughout the day engaging viewers, highlighting products in different categories, and providing shoppers with useful information in an entertaining format. QVC is more than just live video content. It is changing the way the world shops by re-imagining shopping, entertainment and social as one. Leveraging its multichannel platforms, QVC is enabling its customers to customize their experiences. Plus, QVC has created a family of mobile shopping applications for smartphones and tablets. Leveraging social networks, QVC has well over two million Facebook fans around the world who blog, comment, "like," and share 24/7.

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