WHO WE ARE: Old Pueblo Traders
The Old Pueblo Trader Story Old Pueblo Traders began in 1946 as a direct mail retailer of fine Southwestern fashions, moccasins, and Native American crafts and jewelry. We served customers from across the United States, many who discovered us in our small store on Country Club Road while vacationing in Tucson, Arizona. Courteous service, unique selection, and fair pricing won us a loyal following, and we count some of those original patrons among our customers of today. As the times changed, so did we. Our focus shifted from crafts and jewelry to fashions and shoes, and broadened beyond the Southwest. By the 1960's, we were showing all the latest styles in a large, full-color glossy catalog that was mailed across the country to thousands of customers. By 1990 that number had grown to millions and the changes came fast and furiously, as we relocated our business to a larger office/warehouse/customer service campus that today accommodates about 1,000 associates. However much we may have grown over the years and changed with the times, our philosophy on customer service is just the same as it was in 1946. Your satisfaction is always our first priority. We believe in this concept so strongly, we are willing to spell out our commitments to customer service and publish them in our catalogs and here on our website. Read for yourself and rest assured you will love the way you are treated at Old Pueblo Traders.



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